Your health and safety is our first priority. Since the day we closed our domes, we have worked with top Ottawa public health officials in order to ensure that we can all return to play safely.




  • Everyone will be screened upon entry, Check-in
  • Temperature will be taken with a non-touch thermometer
  • Facility access will be restricted to 15 minutes prior to scheduled start times. Do not attempt to enter the facility early. Access will be denied. Late arrival may mean delays as facility staff ensure safe traffic flow during set times before and after each session


What to Expect

We want to provide the safest facility environment possible while also providing the best experience within the facility and on the playing fields.


New Safety Practices

Our extensive protocols and procedures demonstrates that our team is focused on your health and safety, so you can enjoy the game you love.


Participant Protocols at a Glance




Any participant, coach, or team support staff may NOT enter a dome or the Thunderbird Sports Centre facility if:
  • They are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms
  • They are returning from another region where the activity is not yet permitted, within the last 14 days. (this includes “regional” restrictions)
  • They are returning from another country
  • They have attended an event or gathering (including sports tournament) other than those which are permitted under Ontario’s current re-opening phase OR, if a household member meets the criteria above



Every participant must wear a mask until they are to go on to the playing field:
  • Everyone will be screened upon entry
  • If a participant is feeling unwell, they should not attend an activity, and instead, contact your activity organizer to arrange an alternate session
  • If a participant has underlying conditions that may cause COVID-19 symptoms to be displayed (ex. seasonal allergies or asthma), they should notify sport organization staff in advance



Physical distancing must be maintained at all times:
  • There will be zero tolerance for violation of physical distancing. Participants who fail to adhere to physical distancing will be removed from the activity immediately
  • For minors, a parent/guardian must be available at all times who is able to receive a participant at the conclusion of an activity outside the facility



Any participant who becomes ill or exhibits possible COVID-19 symptoms during the activity, must:
  • Stop the activity
  • Leave the playing surface
  • Wear a mask until they are able to leave the facility (which should be as soon as possible)
  • Coaches/team support staff will report the incident to facility management



Each group are permitted to get prepare in the designated area; change shoes, remove jacket etc. (2m/6ft distancing will be required as per provincial regulations):
  • With a limited number of people permitted in each facility area, due to physical distancing, please plan accordingly to guarantee that participants are not inappropriately undressed in an area
  • Groups must vacate the facility as directed by facility staff
  • Showering is not permitted


Each participant will have a dedicated area to prepare for their activity.


Coaches/team support staff will report the incident to facility management.





  • DO NOT spit
  • DO NOT blow your nose without a tissue or paper towel
  • DO NOT remove any equipment
  • DO NOT touch any equipment (ex. Cones) unless instructed to do so by a coach
  • DO label water bottles clearly with participant’s name and leave water bottle in designate area




At the end of a session, coaches/activity leaders will indicate the completion of the session to all participants. Participants should then:
  • STOP and maintain their distance from others
  • Follow direction of coaches on how to exit the playing surface
  • While maintaining physical distancing, return to your designated area to collect shoes and bag if applicable. Follow exiting protocols.


Participants should then exit the facility through the dedicated exit upon direction of the facility staff:
  • Participants cannot remain in the building for any reason


It is highly recommended that water bottles and outer gear (pants, jerseys, etc.) be washed and sanitized between uses.


Participants must wear a mask after their session, while exiting the building.






Additional Information

If you have any questions or concerns that do not appear on this page, please email us at