Faster Golf

Enjoy Faster Golf

Check out these valuable resources from the USGA on Pace of Play:

Here are Thunderbird’s Top Five ways to play faster golf.
Play the correct tees or length of course for your ability.
Move promptly to your golf ball and be ready to hit when it’s your turn.
Be cart smart! Drop your cart partner off at his/her golf ball and then drive to your golf ball. When you leave the power cart, take three clubs not just one.
Play quicker on the putting greens. Read it, hit it, tap it in.
Do your housekeeping on your own time. Start with tees, golf balls, ball marker and ball mark repair toll in your pockets. Replace head covers while you walk. Write down scores at the next tee. Leave clubs on the side of the green where you will be exiting to go to the next tee. Don’t make others wait for you.